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A Partial History of Completed Projects

Our History:
Generations of Experience

A Partial History of Completed Projects


Early Phoenix Building Project
Phoenixville, PA


St. Annes Chapel 
Phoenixville, PA 

Built 1960s


Phoenix Cleaners
Phoenixville, PA
Built 1980s



Santa Anna Italian American Club

Phoenixville, PA



Chester County Airport

Coatesvillle, PA


Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 1.42.20 PM.png

Exton Baptist Church

Exton, PA


Mother Of Devine Providence Church

King of Prussia, PA 



Valley Forge Army Hospital P.X. Building

Phoenixville, PA 


Students and Staff Beautify the Front of MCH with Heritage Rocks.jpeg

Mary C. House Elementary School

West Chester, PA



Phoenix Building & Construction Company, Inc. is founded by Vincent Lombardi, affectionately known by friends and family as “Prince," in his hometown of Phoenixville, Pa. The firm finds success early on by focusing on building homes.


Phoenix Building has continued success in the residential industry and begins moving into commercial construction work as a general contractor. Early projects in the company’s history include the Santa Anna Italian Club and the Exton Baptist Church.


Phoenix Building has grown to become a respected contractor, well known for the quality of its work. With the addition of Prince's brother Eddie as a key project manager, they begin to expand into larger institutional projects, including Chester County Hospital, Chester County Airport, and Newman Student Center at West Chester University. In addition, they complete Mother of Divine Providence Catholic Church in King of Prussia, which leads to many other successful church construction projects for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Despite the company's growth, it continues to perform the smaller residential work that had been its mainstay from the beginning, a trait that was well known and appreciated within the local community.


A new era begins for Phoenix Building, as Prince’s son, James P. Lombardi, begins his career in the construction industry as an estimator. This addition to the company leads to an explosion in growth, as work in the public sector significantly increases. Some of the many projects successfully completed during this time are the Western Montgomery Technical School, Charlestown Elementary School, Manatawny Manor, and Phoenixville Manor. The boost in work completed during this time established Phoenix Building as a leading contractor in the area.


With the business in the hands of his three sons, Vincent “Prince” Lombardi retires from the company that he had founded over three decades ago. Phoenix Building moves into the retail construction industry, completing a wide variety of projects such as the design and building of Phoenix Cleaners.


In an effort to continue his success with the public sector and commercial work, James P. Lombardi, decides to take a different path and leaves the family business to pursue a job opportunity at Irwin & Leighton (I&L). Starting as an estimator, utilizing his years of experience from the family business, he quickly moves up in the company to become a Director of Sub-Contractor Relations, Vice President of Purchasing, and partner at Irwin & Leighton. During his time at I&L, he is involved with many projects including over 40 Major chain stores (Walmarts, Targets, Home Depot's, and Lowes's), Dover Air Force Base, 1600 Market St. Philadelphia, J.C. Penney, and Burlington Coat Factory.


James' son, Kristopher Lombardi, begins work at Phoenix Building, continuing the tradition of his father, uncles, and grandfather. Kris develops his skill as a carpenter/assistant foreman.


Kris Lombardi decides to move on from the family business to begin work as a general contractor with a focus on custom homebuilding and commercial construction fit-outs under the name Keystone Construction Group. 


Kris Lombardi moves into another branch of the construction industry by founding Roman Rolloff, which specializes in supplying dumpsters for commercial construction. The business sees growth quickly with many repeat customers on large construction jobs.


Roman Rolloff is bought out by a large container service in the region, and Kris makes a move back to his roots by taking on specialty carpentry projects and select demolition.


Finding success in the commercial select demolition industry, Kris establishes Azzurro, Inc. Over the next several years, Azzurro completes projects including multiple Walmart and Dollar Tree stores, Johnson Matthey’s global headquarters, Johnson & Johnson, Vanguard, Cabrini College, and many others.


James P. Lombardi retires from I&L after a long successful career. By this time, Azzurro Inc. has been operating for 5 years strong. Jim and his son Kris decide to join forces and launch Lom-Con Inc, which will provide redi-mix concrete to local contractors and homeowners.

Jim does not stop with the addition of Lom-Con, and in mid-2017 he founds LA Building Contractors, a general contractor/construction manager whose primary focus is out-of-the-ground public and private construction projects.

Jim and Kris purchase land on the edge of Phoenixville to construct a new office and shop, only a short distance away from where Phoenix Building had begun nearly 70 years earlier. The office is completed in a few months, and all three companies are now based under one roof. The new shop is also home to Lom-Con’s state-of-the-art concrete batch plant.

Present:  Due to supply chain issues, and a desire to focus solely on building projects, Azzurro was dissolved and Lom-Con was integrated into LA Building Contractors, making them stronger then ever.

Chester County Hospital

West Chester, PA 



Holy Ghost School

Phoenixville, PA 


Royer Greeves Blind School

Paoli, PA


Newman Student Center At West Chester University

West Chester, PA



Conestoga Elementary School

COnnestoga, PA


Rupert Elementary

Pottstown, PA



Lincoln Elementary

Pottstown, PA 



Phoenixville Manor House

Phoenixville, PA


Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 3.01.06 PM.png

Epiphany Church

Plymouth Meeting, PA



St Annes Chapel

Phoenixville, PA 


Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 2.55.10 PM.png

Daily Local News Building

West Chester, PA


Phoenixville Borough Maintenece Garage

Phoenixville, PA


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